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  • Light, Dark, Eyes…

    A study, published in the journal Nature, showed that mice spending pregnancy in complete darkness had babies with altered eye development. It indicated tiny quantities of light were needed to control blood vessel growth in the eye. The researchers showed that the retina development requires light that is going through the body during pregnancy. From darkness we come, […]

  • Cannabis, pain, perception

    A study from the University of Oxford suggests that cannabis makes pain more bearable rather than actually reducing it. [1] In particular, volunteers had a cream rubbed into the skin of one leg to induce pain. They where also given either a 15mg tablet of THC (delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol) – the ingredient that is responsible for the high when […]

  • Sophos, viruses, not so “sophos”…

    Sophos, viruses, not so “sophos”…

    Sophos has admitted that it suffered a false positive incident last night when its own anti-virus software began detecting an update as malware. [1] For most people a computer virus is a “bad” thing. However few people actually understand that usual update programs actually replicate many of the functions of a computer virus, even the […]

  • Philosophy of Colours – Do they exist?

    Philosophy of Colours – Do they exist?

    We do not always agree about colour. Your red might be my pink or orange. Vietnamese and Korean people do not differentiate blue from green – leaves and sky are both coloured xanh in Vietnam. The late English artist and filmmaker Derek Jarman once met a friend on London’s Oxford Street and complimented him on […]